Drew Brees is a Terrible Father

Drew Brees the New Orleans Saints QB shared a video of himself playing catch with his “kids”:

But here’s the real catch folks – Mr. Brees is a TERRIBLE father. First off he’s encouraging the wanton destruction of perfectly fine living room furniture.


And last but certainly not least Brees spends the entire “uplifting, look at how great of a dad he is” video COMPLETELY IGNORING HIS DAUGHTER!!!!!

Hey Drew you sir are part of the problem. Your daughter is on the couch waving her arms just pleading to be included and you keep tossing wounded ducks to your boys (who it has to be said can’t catch a football worth a damn).

After watching this display of Brees Family athleticism I’m willing to bet a pretty penny that Lil’ Daughter Brees is probably the most talented athlete in the whole clan.

Sadly the world will never know as Mr. Brees keeps forcing outdated sexist gender norms upon his children. Perhaps one of those little boys would rather be playing with Barbies?

Have you even considered that Mr. Brees? No of course you haven’t.

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