Coming to Your City: BC Edition

The Best “Studio” Television Show in the history of the world, College Gameday, will be in Chestnut Hill Saturday morning in anticipation of the big Clemson- BC tilt Saturday night on ABC. Can’t wait to head over and see me some Herbie…

As I’m sure you’re aware, the show ends with the panel making their picks for the day’s games, along with a “Celebrity Guest Picker”. Well, HTTA has combed through the vast inventory of super-famous, super-relevant BC Stars, and we’ve come up with some candidates:

Honorable Mention: Singer/ Prop Ayla Brown; “Comedian” Gary Gulman;  Actress/ Comedienne Amy Poehler, A Hologram Ed McMahon (Hi-yooo)



  • Doug Flutie: Mr. BC will show up anywhere, and isn’t afraid to make an ass of himself…but not because he’s in on the joke…he’s just an exceptional hardo.  HTTA can confirm, first hand, that this guy throws elbows and knees in men’s league hoops; I wouldn’t want to see him give Corso a flagrant 2 after the coach drops a “Not So Fast My Friend” on him. He was also seen in the RF stands at Fenway, with a baseball glove on. C’mon Doug??? You wear a glove to a Sox game and you’re over the age of 10…HTTA is out on you.





  • The Curley Brothers: It only seems appropriate that Gameday is here to celebrate the 24th Anniversary of BC’s 2nd Round win over UNC in the NCAA tournament. Well, Billy Curley was no worse than the 2nd or 3rd best player on that team…and Mickey is his brother, who was a Senior in HS at the time! LEGENDS.





  • This year’s BC football squad is a big underdog, and so was this 5’11” local boy-turned-basketball “star”…Dana Barros. The two-time Big East scoring champ, and one-time NBA All-Star (yes, seriously) would be a huge get for ESPN. According to Wikipedia he’s a part time basketball analyst for NESN, though I can’t recall seeing it, nor did I think NESN covered basketball, but hey…he’s a busy man.





  • Current or Former NFL Offensive Lineman: Pick any of ’em. They’re all the same. Always decent, never great, these former Mary Ann’s bouncers are one of the school’s top exports…just edging out that short, cocky, preppy guy at your office, who eats in the café with 4 other bros who look and dress exactly like him…you know who I mean. He’s a BC grad.





  • Jim Sweeney: Sweeney was the recipient of the 1980 Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award for the Best College Basketball Player in the Nation…under 6’0″ tall. Oh, yeah, he was also a key witness in the 1978-79 Point Shaving scandal, and was named by Henry Hill as a co-conspirator. After the “Hail Mary”, this is probably BC’s most well known sports story, so have to consider Sweeney.





  • Donnie Wahlberg: So, he’s not a BC grad, but we’re out of them. He is famous, and is the more relatable of the two famous brothers. I don’t just mean to Boston, I mean, like, to other human beings. And he’ll definitely show up…he also shows up at anything. The only problem is, he’ll bring Jenny McCarthy, who will inevitably talk about like farting and kinky sex stuff or something…which isn’t appropriate before noon on a Saturday. And you know Donnie will be force feeding Wahlburgers down the throat of the mascot head.


Our vote is…er, Flutie, I guess. It’s really a murder’s row of talent. You almost can’t go wrong.


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