NCAA Hoops Preview – 5 New Faces to Watch

The festering, oozing, corruption filed cess pool also know as NCAA basketball returns to our lives this week. Here’s five fresh faced freshman to bookmark as must watch this season.

Hi-Top Top 5 Phenomenal Phreshman

5. Bol Bol – Oregon

Bol Bol is Manute Bol’s 7 foot 2 inch son. Need I say more? No.

4. Romeo Langford – Indiana

Hometown Indiana HS star stays in state to play for beloved Hoosiers. We’ve heard that story before. Sometimes it works and other times the crushing weight of expectations is just too much. Indiana has been in rebuild mode for seemingly the last 25 years. Can Romeo, a 6-6 score first guard bring the Hoosiers back to relevance?

3. Cam Reddish/RJ Barrett – Duke

The Most Holy Coach K (all bow down in his eminence’s presence please) grabbed the best recruiting class of his career for this upcoming season. One catch – they’re all 6-7 small forwards. Barrett was the #1 recruit in the land (and he’s Canadian to boot, ehh). The lineup combos and style of play are both endless and limiting at the same time. Will Coach K loosen the reigns even further this year and just let his young bucks run wild?

2. Nasir Little – UNC

Though Little was the #3 recruit in the country it was he not Barrett or Zion who was MVP of both the McDonald’s game and the Jordan Classic. Yet another 6-6 small forward (gee there’s a lot of those) it’ll be a battle to see which player stands out as the best of the best from Tobacco Road.

1. Zion – Duke

Zion Williamson no longer needs a last name. He is simply Zion. There will be a DUNKS. There will be BLOCKS. There will be plenty of RIDICULOUS highlights. But will there be a jump shot? That really is the only unanswered question concerning Zion. He’s a brick house Tight End playing forward in basketball. He’d be the biggest dude bulk wise RIGHT NOW in the NBA as an 18 year old let alone playing against 150 lbs. college babies. But can he shoot?

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