Hi-Top Golf – Flagsticks are IN!

The Mad Scientist is at it again folks. Bryson DeChambeau has crunched all the numbers, run all the simulations and all the evidence points to leaving the pin in even when you are putting on the green.

The 2019 Golf Rules will now say that a player can leave the pin in from anywhere on the course.

And that is music to DeChambeau’s ever tinkering brain. Here’s an actual for real honest to god quote from the dude:

DeChambeau is out here messing around with quantum physics while your favorite duffer is practicing his Pickle Ball shot.

Hi-Top loves a guy who doesn’t play by the tired old rules. Mavericks and gunslingers. Oddballs and eccentrics. Those are our people. We love to give ol’ Bryson a hard time but we certainly respect his style.

Do you, Mad Scientist, do you.

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