Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 10 Picks

Hey folks, Lil’ Dogg here to let you all in on a little secret – 🤫 we’re really good at this

Last week’s slate of games was awful. Like really really really slim pickings. And you know what – we still went 2-2. That makes us 20-12-2 on the season. #BeAdvised we know what we are talking about when it comes to amateur young men damaging their brains for our enjoyment.

Week 10

Lil’ Dogg

Syracuse (-6.5) at Wake Forest

The Orange are…gasp!….goooood. Like actually for real a good football team. That hasn’t happened since Bennygloves and The Sleepy One were terrorizing dorm rooms and frat houses of Upstate NY. Go heavy on the Cuse. This week they continue to roll.

Houston (-14.5) at SMU

Chasing the dragon on this one but I think think Houston is really good and will win by 30.

Le Cap

Iowa (+3) at Purdue

Notre Dame (-10) at Northwestern

The Big Game in the Bayou

Bama at LSU (+14.5)

14.5 is a BIG number for a road team playing at night in Death Valley. Huge. Are the Tide really that good?

The genius betting minds at Hi-Top HQ have crunched the numbers and our answer is a definitive NO.

This match-up will be a down and dirty SEC fight to the (figurative) death (unless of course Bama does lose out right and then we will get two months worth of excuses explaining how Bama is still the best team in the country even though they lost and didn’t even make their own conference title game but I digress). Nevertheless a two touchdown plus victory is not in the cards here. Bama May win but it will be a clawing, scraping nail biting victory. Take the points. Nighttime in Death Valley.

Always take the points.

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