Nike Swings for the Fences with Their NBA “City” Lineup

Uniforms and Jersey design is an endlessly fascinating topic. Why teams wear what they wear often times seems completely arbitrary or conversely dogmatically ties to the past, to “history”. Having cool looking uniforms just because doesn’t seem like an option when it should actually be the only option.

Nike took over League wide Jersey design for the NBA last season and despite claims that they were going to “shake things up” 99% of their efforts were completely rooted in the same schemes teams had been trotting out year after year. Sure their were a few pleasant surprise, the sunrise Utah look remains stellar but overall Nike’s offerings were pretty weak. Sadly, for anyone who has even a passing interest in the uniform game this was not a surprise at all. Nike outfits a large majority of global soccer teams and almost all of them stink. They repeat tired patterns and looks over and over. For a company that is constantly hailed as ground breaking, their Jersey designs have consistently been conservative and piss poor.

But things seem to be looking up with one Nike line in particular. Nike’s NBA “City” jerseys. Instead of Home/Away uniforms Nike has (ridiculously) insisted on naming each set of uniforms NBA teams wear – Association (Home), Icon (Away), Statement (Bold/Crazy), Classic (Retro/Throwback), and City (specifically to the locale).

A lot of the City jerseys have been frankly pretty stupid. They tend have a nickname instead of city name like The Land or The Bay or Rip City. One area where they shine however tends to be the color patterns. Chicago’s City Jersey is a true thing of beauty:

Only a few of the 2019 City looks have been revealed so far but one of the true standouts is the hometown Boston Celtics:

The Gold trim is a touching throwback to the mid 1980s Larry Legend years and you know that just tickles this pup to no end:

Those old 80s warm up jackets were sweeeeet. Adding in a little gold is both inspired and keeping with the team’s chromatic history. It’s a rare (for Nike) win-win.

Now if the Lil’ Dogg could just settle on a name/number combo….just too many good choices, don’t want anyone to feel left out. Guess this pup has to order 12.

But not every City look is a Homerun. Some are a giant swing and miss like 😂😂😂😂 Philadelphia 😂😂😂😂:

The day Philly finally let’s go of Rocky you’ll know the Apocalypse is truly upon us. It be like Boston sporting a gotdamn Cheers Jersey. It was a movie, 🗣GET OVER IT!!!!!!

“Purple Rain….purple raiiiiiiiin”

These T-Wolves Jerseys are pretty dope. Prince was a huge hoop head and there’s no way he would have allowed this if he was still alive but nonetheless these are well executed. 👍

The Rainbow Connection:

The color scheme is great. The graphic is….ehhh. Not a fan of the 1981 Atari style mountain range here but busting out the rainbow is 👌.

All in all is connecting more than they are missing this year which is nice. New looks are always welcome and it’s a shame more leagues don’t take real chances in this area. Don’t even get me started on the NFL….

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