The Final O.C. Power Ranking: A Counter Counter Point: The Best of the Rest.

Hey Hi-Toppers,

Been awhile hasn’t it? Well the good ol’ Sophomore is back baby! What brings me out of my slumber you ask? Well it seems Le Cap and the Lil’ Dogg are having a bit of debate (not really) on the characters of The O.C. Well, considering I was actually the appropriate age to be watching that show when it came out, and please believe I watched the hell out of it (no shame), I figured I would chime in and give my two cents on the matter. Both gentlemen made fine points with their lists, many I agree with, but there were some omissions in my opinion. Now, I am just going to focus on the best side characters here. No side characters (with one giant exception) from the abhorrent season 3 will appear because no… just no. There will be a couple of repeats on my list of of course, but again.. no main characters.

Before I move on I want to breakdown how I feel about the show in general. Season 1: Awesome. Season 2: Mmm whatchya say?  Season 3: Wow… just… wow… really? Come on. Season 4: Hey, they actually saved it and ended it well! Damn, Taylor is way better than Marissa.

Now, Welcome to the List, Bitch!

10) Frank Atwood


That’s right everyone! Kevin Sorbo…. which is kind of the only reason I am putting him on the list. I mean Hercules is Ryan “Fists Fix Everything” Atwood’s dad? It’s a no brainer.

9) Che


One of the best part’s of the final season in my opinion. Che gave more depth to Summer as a whole and kept a stale Seth/Summer story arc from becoming totally awful. Plus, Chris Pratt is just hilarious always. Spirit animals bro… spirit animals. ROOF ROOF!

8) Kaitlin Cooper


Even though Kaitlin inexplicably aged 5 years in a matter of 2 years time, we won’t hold that against the writers. Kaitlin was everything Marissa should have been as the show went on; More witty rebellious than severely damaged.

7) Alex


One of the better parts of Season 2. I enjoyed her a lot more than Lindsay, the other new addition to that season, and found her story arc to be more interesting than Lindsay’s  and a lot less dopey soapy. I mean… you can all probably guess why I think that. I’m sorry. Sue me. Deal with it. She owned her own club damn it! Yeah.. that’s not the reason at all.

6) The Bullet


BAM! Great catchphrase, great character. This is the perfect replacement for Caleb. Super businessman with questionable morals, a loose vocabulary, but a heart of gold. Every minute of this dude on screen is gold. Caleb was boring and typical, Bullet was just awesome.

5) Taylor Townsend


The other heir apparent to the Marissa throne next to Kaitlin. What started out as a great villain turned into a great member of the family. Taylor had a legitimately interesting arc through the last two seasons and is just so. damn. adorable! She is a way better fit for Ryan than alchy Marissa or boring Lindsay. Taylor 4eva.

4) Jimmy Cooper


The man, the myth, the legend.

3) Oliver


Sure, Luke started as a bad guy, but he turned into a loveable brodouche with a penchant for MILF’s in the end. Oliver on the other hand was our first real taste of villainy on the show and boy did this dude suck. It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to teen soap villains.

2) Anna


The only girl that could stand toe to toe with Summer. Honestly, there is a small part of me that thinks they made the better couple. Blasphemy? Sure, but honest. Though in the end I am sure it was all for the best. Confidence.

1) Luke


Obviously. Who else did you think was going to be here? He gave us the catchphrase. He’s Luke. Enough said.


Well… now that I’m done teenage fangirling for the day I now return all of you to your regularly scheduled whatever. Yeah, I liked this show a lot…. It was the basis for a couple of my high school relationships… what of it?

Sophomore out.


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