Point-Counter Point – The Alternative OC Power Rankings

Hey Le Cap –

Le Cap’s OC Power Rankings we’re truly a good effort unfortunately they fail to give full justice to the true power of the OC. And that’s where your friendly neighborhood pup, the Lil’ Dogg steps up and rights the obvious wrongs.

But first I will give props to our fearless leader. Sandy Cohen at #1 was an inspired surprise. Sandy really is an inspiration to us all. Mooch off your rich wife, surf and golf to your heart’s content and occasionally show up to work when you want. Truly a blessed life.

Now to the wrongs. Say bye bye bye to Marissa Cooper. The show and Ryan should have left her in Tijuana. Next up Caleb. Sure the idea and wealth of Caleb was always a major force in the OC world but the actual character was about as interesting as wet paint. And while we are at it let’s bounce Kirsten too. It’s not that these characters weren’t vital to the show. Obviously they were. But we are talking Power Rankings here. Give me the characters that could only exist on The O.C.

So who gets added?


How can you leave off the man who provided the moment that catapulted The OC from new show to cultural phenomenon:

Oliver Trask

Many say Oliver was The Worst. The Lil’ Dogg counters with maybe Oliver was actually The Best. Olivers tend to get a bad rap when it comes to beloved TV shows (see Bunch, The Brady). And sure Oliver Trask had some issues but that’s what made him Oliver. If Ryan has just let Oliver have Marissa I think everyone would have been better off, don’t you.


Le Cap may be on Team Taylor but the Lil’ Dogg was more of an Anna guy. She had the looks, the attitude and the smarts – a perfect match for Seth if only he could see it. Then again blind devotion to Summer Roberts….


Volchok begins and ends with his name. Volchok. Just an absolute gem of a TV character name.

Lil’ Dogg’s The O.C. Power Rankings

10. Oliver Trask

9. Ryan Atwood

8. Volchok

7. Luke

6. Anna

5. Jimmy Cooper

4. Julie Cooper

3. Sandy Cohen

2. Seth Cohen

1. Summer Roberts

Summer Roberts is the hands down #1 choice. Sandy Cohen is great and all but Summer is….Summer. She’s in the running for GOAT status. It’s not even a contest.

Seth & Summer 4 Eva!

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