Hi-Top Guide to Los Angeles

The hometown boys of the Boston Red Sox are off to La La Land with a 2-0 World Series lead in hand.

And you know what that means…plenty of extra time for sight seeing. Sure the Series isn’t a done deal yet but come on, have you been watching these games.

You know Hi-Top always aims to please and we always have Hi-Topper Nation’s best interests at heart so we’ve combed through our collective knowledge and experiences (some of us have actually lived in LA – no big deal) to give to you the definitive Hi-Top Guide to Los Angeles.

See the Sights

California has everything from oceans to mountains to desert, the natural beauty of the land knows no bounds. But you can see that crap anywhere. What you can’t see anywhere but in Los Angeles is MURDER!

That’s right go on a Murder History Tour! See the Tate Mansion. Check out the site of the Black Dahlia Murder in Leimert Park. And of course the most famous of all, The Smog Strangler. But if you see this guy, run!

Chavez Ravine

Fun Story – The land to build Dodger Stadium was stolen from Mexican-Americans under the guise of “eminent domain”. An elementary school was destroyed in the process and thousands of locals relocated. See every facet of American history is ripe with racism and xenophobia. Stealing from the poor and crushing lives in the name of progress – an American Tradition like no other!

The Weather

Believe your friendly neighborhood pup when the Lil’ Dogg tells you to bundle up. Sure the headlines say the temperature will be in the high 80s but we are taking about desert life here folks. When that sun sets the cold kicks in. Bring a scarf!


The Official Food of Los Angeles is the Fish Taco – if you’re into that sort of thing. But here’s a local tip – try the Bratwurst! Head up Caheunga towards the Valley. Hop over to Barham and hang around right on W Alameda. Drive a few blocks and you’ll find heaven at Weinershnitzl!

Tell ’em the Lil’ Dogg sent ya and they’ll hook you up with a special. Thank me later.

That’s it. That’s everything you need to know about Los Angeles. Enjoy!

We love it!

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