Hi-Top Bets – College Football Picks Week 9

Okay fine. Sue me. We went 3-1 and not the 4-0 the Lil’ Dogg promised.

3-1 is NOT BAD YA KNOW!!!!!!!

And 18-10-2 is pretty darn good. Certainly has ya dining on lobster and caviar if you throw around the type of bank the Hi-Top Boys do!

Week 9

Lil’ Dogg

First things first. Yes this pup took OSU last week.

🗣My Bad!

That’s twice this pup has apologized and I ain’t gonna do it again. Now on to the picks.

USF +7.5 at Houston

Taking the road dog here. Houston hasn’t really played anybody worth a damn.

Kentucky +7 at Mizzo

Doubling up on the road dogs ‘cats. UK has served us well this season and will continue to do so.

Le Cap

WSU +3 at Stanford

Texas -3.5 at OK State

*Le Cap is not overly confident in these picks but he is also on an epic hot streak so go against his wisdom at your own peril.

Overall it’s a tough week, not a lot of great options. But Hi-Top has never backed down from a challenge and we ain’t about to start now.

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