We Got Stickers Y’all!

The Hi-Top Merch Train keeps chugging along and now we’ve added STICKERS!!!!!

Slap a HTTA sticker on your TraperKeeper and you’re instantly the coolest kid on the block.

Make your fellow commuters jealous as you “do work” on your laptop on the T by jazzing up the old Mac with the hottest blog logo on the web.

Stickers can be procured through our Threadless Shop – https://hitopathletics.threadless.com/accessories/sticker

And while you’re there checked out our newest fashion line – The Marty Collection

(Available in a wide variety of colors not just gray)

Marty only came here to do two things – listen to some Dave bootlegs and wear a long sleeve Tee and he’s almost out of violin solos.

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