Holt Sits, Sox Win Again. Up 2-0 Heading to LA

This runaway train keeps rolling along

The Red Sox took Game 2 last night, 4-2, from the Dave Roberts and the depressingly disappointing Dodgers.


David Price came out on a mission, and he spun an absolute gem (as predicted by Le Cap, and Hi-Top Superfan T. Slavin). He allowed hits only in the 4th, and then settled down to retire the last 7 men he faced, turning it over to the suddenly weaponized bullpen who retired 9 more in a row. It was the most dominant 2 Runs Allowed pitching performance I can recall seeing. And I am officially proclaiming, David Price’s postseason “troubles” are OVER.

Over his last 6 Postseason appearances Price has put up a line of:

25 IP, 2-1, 3.24 ERA, 24K, and has allowed a .204 BA, .630 OPS

That’s it. We can stop with the narrative.


Offensively the Sox really struggled. Not scoring in the first inning is really a troubling sign. Luckily, in the 2nd, Xander Bogaerts doubled and was driven in by Ian Kinsler (I also predicted they would be big factors) giving Price a lead.

Later, in the 5th, thanks to Roberts and his boy Ryan Madson, the Sox were able to rally for 3 runs in the 5th, opening up a 4-2 lead, and tearing the hearts out of pretend baseball fans all over La-La Land.

My biggest takeaways are:

  • Joe Kelly is downright filthy. This is what he should have always been, and hopefully what he will continue to be, especially since the Sox need a “closer” in ’19.
  • Nate Eovaldi was the single biggest pitching acquisition of the trade deadline…and maybe the biggest acquisition, period. And he throws BB’s.
  • Dave Roberts sticking with the righty lineup was D-U-M-B.
  • Oh yeah, did I mention Price. He’s a stud.
  • They are doing this all without a single AB from Brock Holt

Now, a day off, and then onto Los Angeles. The City Without A Soul. The home of GnR. The city in which Lil’ Dogg used to rub shoulders with Malcolm in the Middle…and once sang karaoke with Pink and the lead singer of the 4 Non Blondes. Quite a place.

I just hope for the Dodgers’ sake, fans can get there on time…I’ve heard the traffic is hell.

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