Hi-Top Golf – Tiger v Phil Will Cost Ya $19.99

Hi-Top friend Darren “Dirty Boy” Rovell has the deets on the Tiger v Phil Showdown:

All in all $20 ain’t half bad for The Match. This pup was expecting to see the greedy hands involved pushing $50-$75 for the privilege of watching the two frienemies go head to head.

The more concerning issues is the lack of on site spectators. Crowds give an event atmosphere, and energy. No crowds mean no ambiance, no cheers or jeers. Frankly it’s a HUGE mistake on the part of the promoters. You have to have fans on the course!

The closest cousin to this event is the old Skins Game (now there’s an idea worth revisiting. You bring back Murphy Brown and we can’t get the Skins Game back?!?!?!).

You need people on the course hooting and hollering. This thing is supposed to be fun not a funeral.

Get me a gallery and preferably one boozed to the tilt and taking sides. Let’s make The Match worth that 20 bucks.

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