Game 1 Reaction: It’s All Coming up Cora (ft. Bonus Rod Stewart)

My first reaction is, I’ve never seen anything like this. Everything is coming up Cora.

Some guys have all the luck.

This is the guy who’s on fire at the craps table. Is he really winning because the pretty blonde is blowing on the dice? Of course not. But as he keeps winning, and the table keeps raking it in, you wonder….Maybe there is something to it???

In this analogy I have no idea who the pretty blonde is. The analytics department? Ron Roenicke? Brock Holt? I don’t know, but something is clearly going on.

Quick look at just last night:

Play Devers against the best lefty since Steve Carlton- Game Winning RBI

Pinch hit Nunez for Devers when a lesser lefty is brought in- Game sealing 3R HR

It’s been like this all postseason. The bullpen was questionable most of the regular season? No problem…the guy who was in Japan last year and couldn’t find a job this spring (Brasier), the guy who was either terrible or hurt most of the second half (Barnes), and Mr Inconsistent (Kelly) will just lock down 2-3 innings every night in the post season.

Even with those guys, we might still be short a reliever for the 8th? Yeah, I’m just gonna have guys in our rotation take care of that. Not only will they pitch flawlessly in relief, it will also have no measurable impact on their starts.

Jackie Bradley never had his incredible hot streak this season? Don’t worry about it. I’ll keep throwing him out there, and he’ll drive in 9 runs in 3 games and win ALCS MVP.

Nothing matters when it comes to the playoffs, and when it comes to the Red Sox. Alex Cora has done a great job all season, not taking that away from him, but he’s also on an incredible run of luck.

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