Darren Rovell has a Dirty Mind

While most true blood honest hardworking Americans were enjoying last evenings fine World Series matchup, reporter Darren Rovell only had nasty dirty thoughts on his mind:

How dare you good sir!

Innocence lost!

How are we supposed to explain this to our children Mr. Rovell?


Sir! Answer the question sir!

Baseball is America’s Pasttime. It’s where we as a nation turn to experience pure unadulterated joy far from the “real world” of drugs and violence and sexual impropriety. To taint Our Game with such thoughts is a sin on America.

We in America hold up our Media as shining beacons of truth and honesty. A cut above the rest who make the average citizen proud. To see such wanton disregard for the norms of polite society is truly beneath the humble, righteous position of the Fourth Estate.

For shame Darren Rovell. For shame.

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