The NBA Season is a week old and already the story lines are flying around faster than a Dennis Smith Jr break away.

Magic 93 Celtics 90


First up – The Good

Gordon Hayward looks better and better with every minute he plays. He was Boston’s only reliable shooter going 3-5 from 3. Now he needs to get more aggressive offensively. 8 shots is not enough. He needs to be shooting the ball 12-15 a game minimum.

The Bad –

Almost everything else.

Jaylen Brown looks lost.

Al Horford should not be taking 7 threes.

Tatum needs to realize he’s an Alpha Dog when he’s on the court and playing accordingly. Now the Lil’ Dogg hates Kobe Bryant on every level possible – he’s a piece of shit human and the worst kind of selfish basketball player on the court but if there’s anything Taco Jay can take from Kobe it’s that sometimes he needs to be Uber selfish and grab the game by the balls and just take over. As a 20 year old second year guy that may seem like too much but as a player he’s probably a Top 5 Offensive guy in the whole league already. His array of shots is unparalleled. He can’t have a 3-12 night. Not with his skill set. He needs to take more shots and demand more of the ball offensively when he’s on the court.

It’s all growing pains right now. And I’ll gladly sacrifice a win in October for better team chemistry in May. The shots will start to fall. Guys will get better at knowing who should take over and when. Right now you have a team full of guys trying to hard to incorporate everyone. What they need to do is realize that there are enough games and enough minutes where everyone can have their moment. But they have to be able to recognize and feed the guy who is on that night.

Spurs 143 Lakers 142

A wild night in LA included a Patty Mills game winner and LeBron free throw line choke job as the two teams combined for 285 points. LeBron is now 0-3 but it sure has been entertaining as hell.

Bulls 109 Mavs 115

“My name is Luka

I live on the basketball court

I drop unbelievable dimes

Yes I think you’ve seen me before

If you hear something late at night

Something amazing, something out of sight

Just don’t ask me what it was

Just don’t ask me what it was”

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