Weekend Winner – Le Cap

We usually don’t pat ourselves on the back too much here at Hi-Top HQ, being the humble regular guys that we are, but sometimes our greatness shines just a little too brightly and one of our own reaches heights that others only dream of and that folks, deserves some recognition.

This past Weekend was Won be the one and only Le Cap.

First off, our fearless leader is on an absolute tear picking College Football games. He went 2-0 AGAIN and seemingly hasn’t picked a loser in months. #BeAdvised that Le Cap is the best College Football handicapper in the Biz right now and it ain’t even close.

And as a capper to his winning ways Le Cap casually dropped the Tweet of the Year this past weekend:

Pure Gold, Jerry! Pure Gold!

So let’s all raise our Test Tube Shot Glasses to the Man, the Myth, the Legend – Le Cap and just be glad you can say you were there and you saw it all happen.

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