NBA Rewind – FIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Ding Ding Ding!

The Rockets were in LA to face the Lakers and a hockey game broke out.

Chris Paul is claiming Rondo spit in his face causing CP3 to poke Rondo in the eye to start the melee:

Internet Sleuths from around the world are now on the case:

The Lil’ Dogg has to side with the work of ol’ Doc Pearson here folks (sorry Rach ya know this pup still loves ya). No evidence of spitting appears evident. Also Paul is cry baby beeyatch who is as dirty as the Mystic River. And Rondo will always be our dude even if he’s on the Lakers.

Elsewhere around the NBA –

Celtics 103 Knicks 101

Jayson Tatum is THAT DUDE:

Taco Jay led the Celtics to a nail biter win over the Knicks. The C’s were playing without Gordo who was resting and not playing in back to backs. Things still look shaky and IT IS A PROCESS right Philly but facts is facts and the fact is a win is a win.

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