Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 8 Picks

Hey-Yo Hi-Top Nation! The Lil’ Dogg is back in the saddle here at Hi-Top Bets HQ after a week in the Islands. (Subtext – This pup is doing alright).

The good news – your friendly neighborhood pup is feeling fresh and frisky and ready to cash in.

The bad news – Week 7 was a tough pill to swallow (although not too tough when your knee deep in the Caribbean sipping bottomless rum drinks)

Nevertheless our fearless leader Le Cap has kept this Buccaneer Vessel afloat the last few weeks while yours truly has been on Macconaughy-esque losing streak and the Hi-Top Betting Brain Trust still sits at a respectable 15-9-2 on the season. Certain people on the Internet would “be advised” to know that even during our worst streaks Hi-Top is still playing at a level far beyond the rest of the competition. And so – on to the picks:

Week 8

Lil’ Dogg

Miss St at LSU – 6.5

Death Valley ✔️

Night Time ✔️

Giving up <7✔️

Yes please. Give me all the money on the Tigers.

OSU -12.5 at Purdue

This is the time of the year when the Buckeyes steamroll through the Big 10. No brainer here folks.

Le Cap

Auburn -3 at Ole Miss

Maryland at Iowa -10

Not so bold prediction – the Hi-Top Boys right the ship and go 4-0 in a breeze. Book it.

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