Sox Owe this to the Supporting Cast

What if I told you that through 5 games of the ALCS, the Red Sox have gotten:

  • 4 IP from Chris Sale
  • A steaming pile from Craig Kimbrel
  • Nothing of worth from David Price
  • 2 Extra base hits and 1 RBI from Mookie Betts
  • 1 Extra Base hit and 2 RBI from JD Martinez

How would you think they were doing? You’d probably be shocked they made it to 5 games. Well…here they are. On the verge of the World Series.

How’d they do it? Well, their supporting cast has carried them.

I tend to ignore these types of players, I admit it. I’m all about talent. But even I cannot ignore the facts in this series.

Actually, this started back in the Yankees series. Guys like HOLT (yeah, giving him credit), Kinsler, and Vazquez had huge hits to deliver the Sox to the ALCS, while Nate Eovaldi and Rick Porcello spun gems in games 3 & 4. The yanks never saw em coming.

Against Houston, though, it’s been a new cast of characters. Let’s review:

Steve Pearce: My man hit a huge home run in game 3, that Ron Darling is convinced he somehow worked the spin on like he’s Fast Eddie Felson to get it to not hook too much. Pretty sure he just swung hard, Ron, but whatever.

Rafael Devers: All this dude has done is RAKE at the plate. Quite literally, all he’s done…he has been really bad in the field. But, my Editor in Chief (Lil’ Dogg) said I need to be positive here, so back to the bat. He’s on fire. No more Nunez, please.

Jackie “Mr. October 2.0” Bradley Jr.: We all knew this guy was streaky. Well, thank god he held off that hot streak until now. This guy has driven in 9 runs in this series- all coming in 3 games, and in dramatic fashion.

Barnes and Brazier: As noted, these two need to take over the 8th and 9th, keeping Kimbrel away from any close games. These are the two that Cora and Dombrowski told us they’d be leaning on, we scoffed, and turns out they were right. They have been lights out.

Brasier is my favorite…might be because he looks verrrry familiar……

But Barnes is not sans doppleganger. He actually has two. He looks like he may have been genetically modified using cells from Rick Porcello and David Price.

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