Leave Kimbrel off the World Series Roster

I am officially done with this LOSER. D.O.N.E. DONE. I can’t take it anymore.


If he were Fernando Rodney, or Roberto Osuna, or some other bum, I wouldn’t even be mad. You expect losers like that to shit the bed when it matters most.

But this is supposed to be a PREMIER closer. One of the two or three best in baseball. A guy who Cora can hand the ball to, and start his car before he gets back to the dugout. Game Over. And this makes it so much worse…because it’s ALL in his head.

Talent? He’s 97-98, reaches 100. Hammer curveball. He strikes out guys at unprecedented rates- his career K/9 of 14.7 is OBSCENELY good. Like ALL-TIME type stuff.

It’s because of that talent and performance that Dombrowski handed over 4 legit prospects for him.

But here’s the problem…he pitched in two loser cities, for two loser (at least while he was there) franchises. He was allowed to just come into meaningless games, up 2 or 3 runs, pitch one clean inning and get his precious save. No pressure on him, and never asked to do anything that would make him…uncomfortable.

But, with the Sox, when the pressure has been at it’s peak, he’s been at his absolute worst. Not just in these playoffs either. Any time Farrell or Cora have looked to him for anything but a 3 out save situation, Kimbrel let it be known that he prefers to work in the 9th, and for one inning.

And why wouldn’t he? That’s what he’s comfortable with.

During this playoff run Kimbrel has been an absolute disaster. Hasn’t had one clean inning, and has given up runs in 4 straight outings- something he’s never done in his career.

Cora needs to act now if he wants to protect this teams’ chances, and YANK him from the closer’s role.

They’ve been lucky to overcome him so far. Play matchups with Barnes and Brasier for the last 6-8 outs of the game.

I don’t want to see this loser on the mound unless they are up by 4, or losing by 4. And even then, make it a short leash. Then, if they advance, LEAVE HIM OFF the World Series Roster.

He cannot be trusted with the 9th, and he’s already displayed- and gone on record saying- he doesn’t want to pitch any other time.

So screw him. Let him get a head start on Free Agency.

He cannot handle this pressure. He doesn’t belong here. I’ve been saying this for the entire 3 years- check my social media if you don’t believe me- and it’s finally playing out when it matters most.

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