Red Sox Recap and Baseball Spygate

Last night the Sox took a 2-1 series lead, laying the smackdown on Houston, 8-2. Nate Eovaldi kept the Astros’ lineup in check- the latest event in what’s becoming a strong case that he may have been the most important pitcher any team acquired at the trade deadline. And Steve Pearce dealt the biggest blow of the night, a solo shot that put the Sox up 3-2. Two Points Dombrowski.

But before JBJ could deal the knockout grand slam, a story broke online about the Astros, and their potential cheating during Game 1 of the series, at Fenway:

S/O to Danny Picard. No idea why he’s not on weekends at EEI anymore, but he should be full time somewhere.

So here’s the skinny…the ‘Stros allegedly had a guy:

  • Where he wasn’t supposed to be
  • Misrepresenting himself (at least at one point) as someone who he was not
  • Possibly recording signs/signals that teams are allowed to view, catalogue and obtain from other video sources already

Sound familiar?

This is baseball Spygate.


The Patriots did all of those things- arguably even worse, as they dressed a team employee up as a “videographer” with fake credentials. This guy was just where he wasn’t allowed to be.

And many New Englanders, myself included, have rationalized Spygate. We have downplayed its importance, and have argued it should not taint the Patriots or their success. The common defenses are:

“You’re allowed to record, just not from there.”

“Teams all recorded, the Pats just did it for a week after a memo came out”

“Every team steals signals, this is just a different way of doing it”

Well, every baseball team steals signs…it’s not illegal or even discouraged. The only “danger” is that if get caught doing it on the field, or your 3 hitter might take one in the back. This is just “next level” sign stealing. If it’s in an illegal way, they should be punished. Period.

So, the reaction to this, especially from Boston fans, should be EXACTLY the same as to Spygate. If you ever downplayed, rationalized, or defended the Patriots in the Spygate fiasco, you absolutely cannot come down as a hardliner on this.

Can’t fake outrage.

Can’t pretend the series, or game, is somehow compromised.

And absolutely can’t, in any way, take anything away from the Astros team’s success.

And please, MY GOD, PLEASE, stop before you start with the “If this were a Boston team, they’d get a worse punishment…and people would be all over them…”

The Patriots were rightfully punished for Spygate- as I’m sure the Astros will be- and the latter part? About public opinion? Yeah. People hate Boston teams. For good reason. The teams here win the most, and the fans here are the WORST. In a good way.

We’re smarmy, and sarcastic, and LOVE nothing more than pointing out our teams’ success at the expense of others. We love our teams, and aren’t afraid to wear it. So, of course everyone piles on. They should…and I have no clue why so many around here get offended by that. OWN IT.

Bottom line. This is just next level sign stealing. Illegal? Yeah, probably. Should they be punished? Yes, definitely. But should people overreact to it???? No, and that especially depends on how they reacted to Spygate

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