Emergency Post: Brewers Brilliant

The Brewers, in Game 5 Wednesday, started lefty Wade Miley on short rest.

It was a questionable call. Miley is, umm…not good. You could say, he sucks. He had a decent season for Milwaukee this year, but it was only 80 innings. Usually if you’re going to throw a guy on short rest, it’s your ace. Or a workhorse. Not some journeyman.

Well, as it turns out, it was a great call. The Brewers were planning on going with a “Bullpen” game today, but instead of announcing it, they went ahead and let everyone believe this was Miley’s game.

But then, after 1 batter, they yanked him.

They got the Dodgers to game plan for Miley. To play their LHP platoon. And then…BOOM. He’s gone, he’s actually starting Game 6 on an extra day rest.

I LOVE this move. It’s a trick play, a surprise onside kick. But so much more. It’s completely DIABOLICAL. It’s almost like a WWF ally running out mid-match and knocking out the opponent with a table while the referee is looking the other way… except with a real sport, and with adults who have had sex before watching it.

Apparently it was so WWE, miley even acted pissed and threw his glove.

It seems like some don’t like the move. They are pretending they “Don’t get it”, “can’t understand why” the Brewers would do it. Feigning ignorance in the name of protecting the old guard. The way it used to be.

These guys are insulted by anything out of the ordinary. They hate “Openers”. They hate any stat that isn’t RBI’s. They, simply, are idiots.

The Brewers, to be kind, are lucky to be in this position to begin with. They need to play all the cards they can. So Manager Craig Counsell cooked up a great scheme here, and he should be celebrated for it. It’s not dishonorable…it’s BRILLIANT. Hopefully it works, because baseball needs more of this, and less of the old school

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