NBA Rewind – Taco Jay gets all the Cheese

The 2018-19 NBA Season tipped off with a satisfying thrashing of the Philadelphia 76ers by the Boston Celtics:

Take a peek at the Box Score:

Yeah it was the Jayson Tatum Show:

Taco Jay is a SUPER STAR. Not a Star. A SUPER STAR. Offensively he has no flaws. And if you haven’t heard – he’s 20 years old.

The rest of the Green Boys contributed with various levels of success. For Kyrie and Gordo just being back out on the court was accomplished. The rust will subside as the games pile up. No worries there.

Big Al did Big Al things and Jaylen Brown looked assertive. All good. All good.

The Bench minutes fell pretty much how you would expect. Not many surprises there.

All in all after a worry filled pre-season the Celtics showed up on Opening Night and got the job done.

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