Hi-Top Top 5 Under the Radar NBA Guys to Watch For this Season

There’s many great reasons to tune in to the Only League That Matters on a nightly basis because even the teams that are utter trash have players capable of producing transcendent moments.

Let’s move beyond the Big Names and take a look at some lesser known guys who will be producing gif worthy moments throughout the upcoming season.

5. Miles Bridges

The breakout preseason star seems poised to have a RoY type freshman campaign. The revamped Charlotte Hornets gave the Boston Celtics all they could handle in 2 preseason games and look to make some real “buzz” in the East (get it).

4. Kevin Knox

Facts is facts and the fact is the Knicks are 🚽. However they may have landed a real gem in Kevin Knox. The Knox Train started choo chooing during Summer League and looks to continue chugging along into the regular season.

3. De’Aaron Fox

The Lil’ Dogg says this Sacramento Sophomore will make a big leap this year. Fox has the tools to be a real force provided either the Kings finally start to get their shit together or he gets the hell out of Sacramento. Either way Fox will continue to provide gif worthy plays worth checking for.

2. Robert Williams

Just look at Boo Butt getting special 1 on 1 time with Coach Dad. 😍 You know Robert Williams had to be on this list. Dunks and Blocks. Dunks and Blocks. All season long. Dunks and Blocks.

1. Luka Doncic

After Doncic wins RoY in a cake walk and Trae Young continues to be hot trash get ready to read think pieces on The Ringer for the next ten years about how the Mavs pulled off getting this gem. Kevin O’Conner with an oral history of the Hawks making the worst draft day deal in history. Shea Serrano on the 100 ways Doncic is like Michael Scott. Haley O’Shaughnessy travels to Doncic’s hometown to have breakfast with his mom. Bill Simmons makes another Karate Kid joke. Etc etc.

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