NBA Season Day 1 – Hayward’s New Sneakers are….Not Great, Bob

It’s Officially Official. Today is NBA 2018-19 Season Opening Day and there is A Lot to get to.

First up, Gordon Hayward has Nu Shooz.

Initial verdict:

There was intense speculation over where Gordon would end up with his Nike deal over and I have to say…well actually the Lil’ Dogg is pretty speechless over this one. First off what the hell is Anta?!?!,!,!?,?!?!??????

Most buzz had Gordo going to New Balance which okay I guess that would be the obvious landing spot of a bland white guy so maybe a bit too on the nose there. According to Wikipedia here’s the skinny on the Chinese based Anta brand –

Not exactly a Murders Row of names but the check clears I suppose.

The bigger issue here besides the ugly ass sneaker is a guy coming off a MAJOR ANKLE INJURY is changing sneakers!!!!!!!

Does that not strike you as a bad idea???

Anyone who’s gone to a Foot Locker knows not all shoes are equal.

And a Low Top at that!!!!!!!

Obviously we here at Hi-Top fully support HIGH TOP SNEAKERS. No duh.

Maybe the Lil’ Dogg is an old school pup but basketball should be played in sneakers that go above your ankle. Especially if you have ankle issues.


Just a thought Gordo. Just a thought.

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