Holiday Weekend Winner – Brock N Roll

Hope everyone had a great Indigenous Peoples Weekend. We here at Hi-Top give a big ๐Ÿ–• to ol’ Cristo Colombo.

And moving on to more White People’s Shit – Playoff Baseball!!!!!

The Red Sox put a slaughtering to the Yankees that Columbus himself would have been proud to take credit for.

A 16-1 beat down in the Bronx. The Sox did it small and did it big and even had some actual competent pitching on the mound.

And then there was Brock “Captain Raymond” Holt:

Hitting for the cycle is probably the coolest thing a player can do in a baseball game. Certainly a lot cooler than a no-hitter. Mostly cuz hitting a Triple is like meeting an intelligent Republican – rarely seen and always a shock.

The Sox and Yanks are right back at it again and just like Columbus the Red Sox are always looking for more blood.

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