Break all the (Unwritten) Rules

The Unwritten Rules. We’ve heard them referenced for years. These days it’s mostly by crotchety old guys in broadcasting booths and past-their-prime managers…but we’re still hearing about them. Nobody can define or provide an adequate defense for them. But just know….THEY ARE THERE.

In the last 48 hours or so, the Sox-Yanks series has provided an onslaught of storylines, related to the Unwritten Rules. Let’s refresh our memories, shall we?


Frankie Says Relax: After Game 2, Aaron Judge walked through the concourse outside the NY clubhouse with a boombox, blaring New York, New York. Red Sox “fans”- and media people who make a living riling up Red Sox fans- apparently see this as some type of slight, or inappropriate shot at the Red Sox.

I say “GOOD FOR HIM”. I legitimately loved it! Why are people pissy about it?

Is this one of those “You don’t come in my house and disrespect me”? If it is…oh please. Get over it. The only disrespect was that on-field performance by the guys in white…er, Red.

Or is it about the song, maybe? If that’s it…oh boo fuckin’ hoo. Win the game, then you can whine about post-game music. Also, fellow Sox fans, Dirty Water isn’t a good song. It sucks. And it basically shits on Boston. And the band is shitty, and from Los Angeles. Stop with the attachment to overplayed crap that has nothing to do with baseball, or Boston (placeholder for inevitable Sweet Caroline rant).

Gary Sanchez hit a ball to a place I’ve never seen a human being hit a ball, they get to jam whatever they want postgame. And Judge was using a boombox. That’s tremendous. We are pro Boom-Box.

Running it up?: Last night, up 10-1 in the 5th, Andrew Benintendi had the audacity to steal 2nd base. Ron Darling- who I’m generally a big fan of- raised a verbal eyebrow on this one. He didn’t come right out and attack it, he saved that for later in the game, but he wasn’t a fan:

“Well, I guess from the school of not taking anything for granted. You don’t usually see that. In the postseason, maybe. Regular season, never.”

Correct, Ron. If there is ever an occasion for putting on the brakes, it’s certainly not in the PLAYOFFS.

You go hard. You score as many runs as you can. You steal bases, you steal signs, you take extra bases, you do whatever it is you need to do…and you flip double birds while you’re doing it. Don’t like it? Stop me.

What’s the Count? 3 and oh???: Two innings later, Benintendi was at bat and- apparently violating several tenets of the Geneva Convention- swung at a 3-0 pitch.

Listen Ron, I defended you against the fake outrage for your unequivocally NOT racist comment from Game 2, and this is how you gonna do me?


Settle down, bud. You play to win the game. And, a little element of gamesmanship is nice.

Benny is so far in the Yankees’ heads right now right now, CC is probably seriously debating whether or not to plunk him, and give a team who just annihilated them a free base runner. This is how backwards the “rules” are…they think it “sends a message” to hit a guy…no, you moron, it sends him to first base. I know it’s difficult for the average pinstripe wearing goomba in the Stadium to understand, but as a Sox fan…PLEASE, hit everyone.

Tonight, the Sox should come out and bunt the shit out of the ball, against the exceptionally thiCC Sabathia.

In case you don’t remember, CC was all pissy pants about that during a Sept 2017 series. Eddie Nunez bunted for a hit, and CC thought it was “weak”.

CC Sabathia on Red Sox bunts: “I’m an old man. They should want to go out and kick my butt. I just feel like they took the weak road.”

Nunez did have a great response though:

Núñez on his bunt: “We know he has a bad knee. That’s not our problem.”

That’s what you want to see. A WINNING attitude. Not observing the unwritten rules.

Someone should take the time and document the unwritten rules and then burn them on the pitchers mound of Yankee Stadium, while a bunch of young players do celebratory bat flips. and old white guys lose their collective minds.

Baseball is full of the most young talent there has been….probably ever. It’s time to throw out the old rules. You want to protect civility, and avoid shame…prevent the other guy from running all over you…get him out.

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