Hi-Top Rankings – The Penn Brothers

There’s a lot of great brothers in the worlds of Sport & Entertainment but no set of siblings maybe be as curiously diverse as the three Brothers Penn – Michael, Sean and Chris.

3. Sean

Sean Penn sucks. He shouldn’t. He should be the coolest MF’er in Hollywood. But instead he just sucks. Facts is facts and the fact is he’s a distant third in these rankings and almost didn’t even make the list.

2. Michael

The world knows Michael Penn for two things – 1. Being Mr. Aimee Mann. 2. The song “No Myth”.

However both of those things are pretty great and neither of them are annoying and terrible so Michael easily leap frogs Sean.

1. Chris

Chris is the best Penn and it’s really not even a contest. A way better actor than he was ever given credit for being, Chris was funny, charismatic and more often than not tragic and heart breaking. You couldn’t help but root for him in any role he inhabited, whether it was struggling to dance in Footloose or giving up college for marriage in All the Right Moves or just plain wanting to be loved in At Close Range, Chris was always the one character that you desperately wanted to get things right. Chris never got the big parts, the leads, but the roles he did have were perfectly his. Nice Guy Eddie is the only guy you’re pulling for in Reservoir Dogs and in the middle of a murderers row of actors in True Romance Penn still manages to shine through.

Okay fine. You got the Lil’ Dogg figured out. This whole thing was just a rouse to write about the awesomeness of Chris Penn on a random Friday afternoon. Now go watch a At Close Range/Reservoir Dogs/True Romance Triple Feature and thank me later.

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