Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 6

First off an apology.

We only managed to go 2-2 last week and frankly that just does not meet Hi-Top Standards. Other sites might champion a .500 week of “advising” (and you know exactly what two bit organization we are talking about here) as some sort of triumph but not us here at Hi-Top. We pick winners and only winners and for that we apologize.

Otherwise, the Money Train is choo chooing along with an overall 12-5-1 record on the season despite what for us was a horrendously bad Week 5.

Looking ahead, in the immortal words of Le Cap Week 6 is a “weak week”. 20 years ago FSU/Miami would have been the game of the week if not the year. Sadly that’s no longer the case.

Instead the Marquee Matchup has to be the Red River Shoot…wait wait we mean….Showdown or do we. Let’s let Le Cap weigh in:

HAVE to bet the Red River SHOOTOUT, that is just a rule. It’s almost always a good game, and the idea of it is just fun. YOU KNOW WHAT’S NOT FUN?!?! Changing the name to the Red River SHOWDOWN. WTF-ittyF. Some candy-ass sponsor came in and changed the name because they didn’t want to be condoning gun violence?! Is this real life? It’s a football game, people! High scoring games are called what? SHOOTOUTS. Not to mention, where are we as a society when a game played by the state universities of TEXAS and OKLAHOMA can’t reference guns??? 

First, we had to stomach the official condemnation of the “World’s Biggest Outdoor Cocktail Party” moniker for the Fla-UGA game- which by the way, as someone who has been there….very accurate description- now this? Terrible. HTTA Declaration- We will only refer to games as their Non-PC-But-Actually-Not-Offensive-to-anyone aliases. If you catch someone doing otherwise, report them directly to me. 

Le Cap…OUT.

Le Cap

Texas +7 at Oklahoma

Iowa-7 at Minnesota

Lil’ Dogg

Kentucky +6 at Texas A&M

The Wildcats win this out right. Not sure why Vegas keeps underestimating the Boys in Blue but they do and we will gladly keep cashing in.

Auburn -3.5 at Mississippi St.

The Bulldogs are not very good. They only have 3 wins cuz they played three nobodies to start the season. 3.5 is a gift. This is a double digit win for Tigers.

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