Hi-Top Top 5 – Misfits Songs

October is Misfits Season. The 31 days out of the year when blasting a song about teenagers turning into Martians is not only acceptable it’s actively encouraged. When the leaves start to turn and the world goes pumpkin crazy the soundtrack counting down the days to Halloween needs to be horror punk. And horror punk means The Misfits*.

*There is of course only one version of The Misfits that we or anyone can and should recognize and that is undoubtedly Glen Danzig’s Misfits.

Hi-Top Top 5 Misfits Songs

5. Astro Zombies

Astro Zombies is a revved-up 50s style rocker that just really stomps. It has a great vibe, an even better melody and just all around kicks ass.

4. 20 Eyes

20 Eyes could have been higher up on the list and perhaps on a different day it would be #2 or #3 but either way it’s a killer lead off track for Walk Among Us. A proto-hardcore ripper that really gets going when the “ooooohoooooohs” kick in.

3. I Turned into a Martian

Another song that’s really put over the top by Danzig’s “Wooooooohhhhhhooooooos”. Let’s take a minute to talk about the gawd that is Glen Danzig.

The Hardcore Elvis. 5 feet tall and all of it is muscles and vocal chords. The dude has an all-time voice. Just an unbelievably amazing baratone that was made to sing these horror punk gems.

2. Hatebreeders

“Murderlation” is certainly not an actual word but when Danzig tells you “Next thought murderlation” you better damn well believe it. Hatebreeders is most definitely Ramones-y as hell. You can just hear the influence dripping out of the speakers but that is in no way a bad thing. We can only wish that the Misfits stayed on that track and had not instead pivoted to a more hardcore direction in the next few years. It’s no coincidence that all 5 of their Top 5 songs are from the Walk Among Us period and not Earth A.D.

1. Skulls

Was there ever any doubt? Skulls is it. The Magnum Opus. Far and away the best thing The Misfits ever did. They had some good songs and some pretty good songs but only one truly great song. Skulls is catchy all around but has one hell of a sing-a-long chorus. “I want your skulls, I need your skulls”. Yes Glen Danzig. Yes you do.

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