Opening Night Predictions

As an avid reader of the HTTA I was deeply inspired by the leadership of Le Capt. After reading how terrible he was at his predictions on the Baseball season and seeing how little he actually knows about the game..cough… I have decide to make my NHL predictions for this season.

  1. Lets stay local first. The Boston Bruins will finish 3rd in the Atlantic division and 5th overall in the East heading int the playoffs. Tampa and Toronto really went out to improve their teams this summer while the Bruins only brought in a #4 defenseman. Sweet off season, Sweeney


2. Staying with the Bruins… Ryan Donato will have a very strong season and fans will be excited for the future. However, he will NOT be in the Rookie of the year conversation. Brad Marchand will lead team in overall points, David Pastrnak will still have the worst grill in the league, Tuukka will struggle early, but have an overall good season.


3. Staying in the East. The biggest offseason free agent move was John Tavares signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs. This will payoff huge for the Leafs. Tavares, playing along Auston Matthews, will have a career year in points and lead the Leafs to their best season since 92-93.

4. Henrik Lundquist will continue his downward slide and the Rangers will miss the playoffs. Late in the season and into the offseason the Rangers will look for a new #1. NY fans, however, will be oblivious to all this and continue to think he is the greatest of all time….while still reminding everyone they won the cup in ’94.

5. In the West. The Nashville Predators continue to gain huge support in Music City. The energy and excitement that comes with every game will help catapult the team to win the Central Division. However, it won’t be easy as the Winnipeg Jets will only be 2 pts behind them. Patrick Laine score 30 plus goals for the Jets.

5. Penguins will finish on top of the Metropolitan division. Sydney Crosby will have a huge year. The best overall player in the world will show why he is just that.

6. San Jose will have a lethal PP with Brent Burns and Erik Karlsson….but their defensive play, or lack their of, will catch up with them. The Sharks finish in 2nd in the the Pacific and 3rd overall in the West behind Las Vegas and Nashville.

Overall Predictions. Calder Trophy (rookie of the year) #1 overall pick Rasmus Dahlin. The kids is goooood and will get every opportunity to play big minutes. Only thing that may hold him back is his supporting cast.

Hart Trophy (MVP) This is a tough one. In the running will be Stamkos (Tampa) Crosby (Pittsburgh) and McDavid (Edmonton). Connor McDavid is the current MVP and basically carries the Oilers by himself. Stamkos will score a lot, but his team overall is stacked. That may hurt him knowing he has so much support around him. However, I think Crosby, now at the old age of 31, has a great season and pulls away with it.

Stanley Cup Champions. Although it kills me not to pick the Bruins I think the Tampa Bay Lightning pull it off this year. They are solid all around. Very few kinks in that armor.

There you have it, Uncle Mitty’s 2018-19 NHL predictions. Hopefully I do better than Le Capt did!

Side note : Although that is what my head is telling me will happen I am still putting money on the Bruins to go all the way!!! GO B’s!

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