Hi-Top Golf – A Tale of Two Teams

The Europeans won the Ryder Cup last weekend in an absolute beat down of the Americans and this week we are starting to see just why the victory was so decisive.

Here’s the pump up video Team Europe watched to get ready for the Cup battle:

That’s some inspirational stuff right there.

Meanwhile it’s come to light that the Team America was pretty much a shitshow.

All-Around Great Guy Patrick Reed has spent the past week bashing literally everyone involved with the Americans except of course his own piss poor play.

Reed has blamed Speith:

And Furyk:

But never himself:

And then there’s the Daytime Soap Opera – As the Johnson’s Turn. Before the Ryder Cup started Paulina Gretzky and DJ were on the outs. Or were they? She made the trip to Paris with the team cuz honestly she ain’t missing out on those Instagram opportunities and all seemed good. Now we are getting conflicting reports of a fight between supposed Bash Brother buddies Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka.

Brooks denies anything took place:

Add in the fact that an arrant Koepka drive has apparently taken the eye sight of a Ryder Cup spectator and this has really not been a good week for Brooks.

The Americans had an atrocious Saturday and only a slightly better Sunday. Performances all around were pretty terrible. Team America had the big names but Team Europe was an actual TEAM. and now we see why.

Maybe the Ryder Cup does just mean more to the Europeans. They considered it their second Major behind The (British) Open. If that’s the case then I’m not sure what can be done but it’s a damn shame cuz the Ryder Cup really is the flat out most entertaining “event” in golf. And right now the Americans are plain missing out.

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