Celebrating Paul’s Boutique – “I bought a hot dog from who? George Drakoulias”

Certain Beastie Boy lyrics become Ear Worms, stuck in your brain for no apparent reason, popping into your mind at random times.

For the Lil’ Dogg it’s a line from “Stop That Train”, one of the mini-songs that make up the album closing medley “B-Boy Bouillabaisse”:

“I bought a hot dog from who? George Drakoulias”

Well who in the hell is George Drakoulias?

Drakoulias was one of the first employees at Def Jam Records. A college buddy of Def Jam founder Rick Rubin, who eventually left Def Jam with Rubin to head to Los Angles when Rubin started Def American, later just American Recordings, to produce bands like the Black Crowes and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, among others. Drakoulias mostly works on film soundtracks these days.

Obviously the Beasties populated most of their songs with in-jokes and references to friends and acquaintances, this is not new info. What makes the line about Drakoulias interesting is that in 1989 the Beasties were not exactly on good terms with Rick Rubin. They had sued to get out of their Def Jam contract, leaving a ton of unpaid money on the table to do so. Drakoulias was a Rubin guy. Of course it’s possible to remain friends with one person while disliking a friend of that friend but it is curious to note that the other co-founder of De Jam, Russell Simmons, gets a reference on Paul’s Boutique – On “Car Thief” Mike D rhymes – “had a ‘cain filled Kool with my man Rush Rush” but as far as I can recall there are no mentions or allusions to Rick Rubin on the album. The Beasties also infamously went to Rubin’s LA mansion during a 1989 taping of Yo! MTV Raps and took a leak on the front gates to Rubin’s house. So there was no love lost there for sure, at least at that time.

While there’s no indication that Drakoulias ever actually worked at an Orange Julius, it does bring a smile to this pup to imagine the three Beasties sitting in a mall food court enjoying a tasty dog and a frothy Orange Julius while trading rhymes.

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