Weekend Winner – Boo Butt

Sure there was a lot going on in the World of Sport this weekend but when something of historical importance comes along well it just must take precedence.

The Robert Williams Era has begun.

The Rookie looked gooooood over the weekend.

The rest of the Boston Celtics are known commodities. Williams is the one X Factor in the roster. With a loaded squad talk has been that Williams would probably be spending the majority of the season up in Portland. And hey that still may be the case but from what the Rookie has shown so far in the first two preseason games, the man belongs on the Celtics team.

High praise is coming in from all over the team.

Does this mean Robert Williams is going to win Rookie of the Year? No. And no one expects him to but what it does mean is that the Celtics got a steal of a player who fell in the draft for stupid “draft” reasons that were based in nothing. And those initial missed flights and lost wallets were simply that and not indicative of some bigger “issues”.

Also Robert Williams is a pretty damn good ball player who already has an understanding of “good” basketball.

He fits in with this Celtics team and that’s what matters.

And for those radon’s Robert Williams and the Celtics Faithful won the weekend and all the doubters and haters – 👀 at you Benny Gloves – can go kick rocks.

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