Revisiting My BOLD Predictions. It’s not pretty.

Le Cap likes to tell you when he’s right.

And I’ll be honest, that’s the best part about this blog. I mean, sure, we’re getting tons of #webhits (legal says I can’t say pageviews), but mainly I just like to have a way to tell a lot of people at once how right on I was with something.

For a recent example, go back and read my Ryder Cup preview….absolutely CRUSHED that one.

But, I wouldn’t be much of a leader, if I didn’t also point out when I was wrong. And I have to tell you, when we started this journey 350 days ago, I said that I’d always be the type of guy to call myself out when I was wrong….and looks like I was right.

So, with that in mind, here is my objective look back at my BOLD MLB predictions I made back in March. Keep in mind they are BOLD, meant to be exaggerated.


Aaron Judge, at best, will finish 3rd in Home Runs….on the YANKEES. Stanton and Sanchez will top him, and he will hit < 38.

Aaron Judge finished with 27 HR’s, and was in fact topped by Stanton. He finished tied for 2nd with 3 other guys, so quite literally, also tied for 4th as well. He did have more than Sanchez, but I’m giving myself a win on this one. –  CORRECT


The Astros will break the single-season wins record of 116

103 Wins, 1st place in the division, and many peoples’ favorite to come out of the AL…so yeah, they’re great, but not close to a win here. –  WRONG


Xander Bogaerts hits .300 with 20 HR’s

He hit .288, which is not .300, but only 8 guys hit .300. He hit 23 HR’s, even more than my projection, was was already 2-times last year’s total of 10. He had a tremendous season, when entering the year with tremendous doubts. Doubts are gone, and I got this one right. –  MOSTLY CORRECT


JD Martinez tops all Yankees in SLG %

Only by .102 points….-  CORRECT, BIGLY


Nolan Arenado will win NL Triple Crown

Arenado finished .297 (10th), 37 (1st), 109 (t-2)…so a great season…but no shit he had a great season, he’s great. –  WRONG


There will be a 50+ HR hitter in the AL…and it will either be Joey Gallo or Khris Davis

Davis led the AL with 48 dongs, and Gallo 3rd with 40. – SO CLOSE, but, technically WRONG


Ronald Acuna goes 20-20

20-20 was exceptionally bold for a 20 year old who was starting the season in AAA…he went 26-16 with a .914 OPS…I am taking a victory lap. Hard to get 20 steals when you keep putting the thing in the seats-  Not totally correct, but CORRECT


Andrew Benintendi goes 25-25

This Benny had a great year (our Benny did too), but I purposely predicted 25-25, and he went 20-20. That is a total loss-  WRONG


Mike Trout hits .300-110-40-100-30…and doesn’t win MVP

.312-101-39-79-24….INCREDIBLE line, and the best season ever for the best player of the last 50 years. But, due to injury and a terrible team, he didn’t make my milestones, so, while the sentiment played out (incredible year, probably no MVP), I still get a WRONG


Bryce Harper has his best season ever…and ends up with a $400M contract

WRONG, Just so, so, so, so WRONG.


James Paxton (AL) and Robbie Ray (NL) finish top 3 in Cy Young voting

Paxton had a very good season, but won’t sniff top 3. Ray was the third best pitcher this season…in his own rotation. Very WRONG


Aroldis Chapman will not lead the Yankees in saves

He led the team by 27 saves. Ouch. WRONG


The Phillies and White Sox will be over .500

Well…I got the Phillies right. And getting one of these two correct is pretty impressive, so maybe I should get credit??? Except the White Sox lost a HUNDRED games. Not even close. WRONG


Stephen Strasburg leads MLB with 19 Wins, and there will be less than 7 SP’s who reach 200+ Innings.

He won 10 games, and only pitched 130 innings- the latest in a list of disappointing seasons for one of the most talented pitchers of his generation. Oh, and 13 guys went over 200 IP. So, chalk up another loss for Le Cap-  WRONG


FOUR correct out of 14. Better luck next year Cap. Stick to golf.


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