Breaking News – There are now officially more people working for The Athletic than actual people subscribed to read The Athletic

If you have spent any time on Sports Twitter the last few months than they following type of Tweet should look very familiar:

Writer X announces they are happy/pleased/proud to announce they are joining The Athletic…and oh by the way there just so happens to be a discount code:

That’s 9 people covering random College Hoops teams!!!

You don’t need 9 people to cover the entire NCAA and NBA combined.

And that’s just basketball. If you are on Twitter you see this similar Tweet over and over and over. Followed by retweets and Likes and congrats from all the other billions of writers now at The Athletic. And this happens for every sport. Every day.

By last count The Athletic now has 47,000 sports writers working for them.

Now honest question – Do you know 1 person, ONE, who is a paying subscriber to The Athletic?

Cuz we here at Hi-Top HQ have our pulse on the Sports Scene and between us we know of nary a soul that is a The Athletic subscriber.

And this is not to knock The Athletic. Or the writers. Not at all.

It just doesn’t make sense.

Are these writers getting paid living wages? Full salaries? Or is this a glorified Freelance thing?

The Lil’ Dogg is all for writers getting paid. Hell anyone wanna pay this pup is more than welcome to send some cash to the ol’ Venmo account.

But facts is facts and the fact is The Athletic’s financial strategy can’t possibly last. Unless this whole thing has been a pyramid scheme all along!!!!!!!!!!

Now this makes sense. The only people claiming to be subscribers are the writers themselves. They constantly promote “deals” that seem to indicate financial compensation for adding subscribers. Writers seem to be recruiting other writers to work under them!!!!!!

It all makes sense now!

If you are a writer beware of this scam!!! Sure they promise you easy money! “YOU CAN WORK FROM HOME” they say. “MAKE EXTRA CASH IN YOUR SPARE TIME” they tell you.

🗣JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!

Fellow writers you have been warned.

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