Le Cap’s MLB Awards Picks


  1. Mookie Betts
  2. Mike Trout
  3. Jose Ramirez

Betts and Trout are having very similar seasons, Trout actually a slightly better season by many measures. They are the two best players in the game. I don’t give a shit about team success, because it’s stupid to punish or reward a guy based on his teammates, but in this case I’ll use the intangible of playing in “bigger” games as a tiebreaker. JD Martinez had a tremendous offensive season (not as good as Trout and Betts, though), and would be 4th on my ballot. But these guys contribute more across the board offensively, and Martinez doesn’t contribute at all defensively. If you don’t think that playing defense- let alone at an elite level, like these 3- matters, then you’re opinion on MVP doesn’t really matter.



  1. Jacob deGrom
  2. Christian Yelich
  3. Max Scherzer

It’s a weird year for NL MVP. Ultimately, deGrom meant more to his team than any other single player by way of having the single most remarkable season I can recall. The final line is ridiculous- 1.70 ERA, .912 WHIP, 11.2 K/9, 5.85 K/BB- but it’s beneath the numbers that does it for me:

1-  Game with 4 runs allowed (that was on April 10th, never gave up 4 or more again)

5- Games with 3 runs allowed

10- Games with 6+ IP, 1 R or less, and got a Loss or No Decision.

But please, tell me again why “WINS” matter for a pitcher? I’ll hang up and listen.


AL Cy Young

  1. Blake Snell
  2. Chris Sale
  3. Justin Verlander

It’s a shame, because Sale has been the best pitcher in league, but doesn’t even qualify for the ERA title due to missed time. Just not quite enough innings to get my vote. Snell has the best numbers, so, whatever. Verlander deserves more attention for the way he’s turned around his career…unbelievable.


NL Cy Young

  1. deGrom

If this isn’t unanimous, they should start taking voting rights away from people. Maybe not just for awards…if you’re stupid enough to think anyone but deGrom deserves the Cy, you don’t deserve to vote in US or Local elections either.



  1. Ohtani
  2. Torres/ Andujar

Ohtani was so good when he did play, he outperformed Torres’ and Andujar’s near full seasons. He only pitched 50 innings, won’t pitch in 2019 (which sucks), and setting aside that I still don’t think it can actually work over the long haul, it did work very well this year in a small sample. He was very good on the mound, and better at the plate.



  1. Ronald Acuna Jr
  2. Juan Soto
  3. Doesn’t matter even a little bit

These two, Acuna (20yo) and Soto (19), put on an absolute show all summer long. So did the entire National League, for that matter, and it’s still going this weekend. But these two are going to be top 5-10 players in baseball for a LONG time. They are absolute studs.

I know a guy who inexplicably banked on these two to revive the baseball card industry…and shockingly, it’s working?! (S/O Davey T). That’s how good they are: they make insane, ill-advised investments pay off. Like 2007 Lenny Dykstra.




The dude from Oakland, and the guy from Milwaukee???? Sound good???


That’s it…those are the picks. Tell me why I’m wrong.


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