Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 5

The Hi-Top Money Team steamrolled through Week 4 going undefeated (with a sister-kissing push – 😡 you UGA) to increase our overall season record to a robust 10-3-1. That’s right folks, we…

Le Cap has been on a roll and since he’s been up watching Ryder Cup action all night he got his picks in bright and early this morning so we are going to switch things up and start off with Cap.

Le Cap

Ohio St. (-3) at Penn State

Our fearless leader is putting personal preferences aside when it comes to cold hard cash and who can blame him. We can all root for Urban Meyer to lose at the game of life and still make some cash on the side. The Nitty Lions have put up some impressive score lines so far this season but this match up with the Buckeyes is their first actual real game versus real competition. And that’s going to bite them in the ass.

Ol’ Miss at LSU (-10)

Only fools beat against the Tigers at night at home in Death Valley. And Le Cap’s no fool.

Lil’ Dogg

Stanford (+5.5) at Notre Dame

The Lil’ Dogg may have had his heart crushed by Stanford last weekend (Go Ducks) but game recognizes game and this Stanford team has game (and heart). Have feeling this Line is going to move ND’s way so get it while the getting is good cuz 5.5 points is STEALING!

South Carolina at Kentucky (-1)

The Wildcats are the REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD! And the Gamecocks are not. The Cats meow at home.

That’s it folks, just the straight dope this week. Loaded up now and thank your friends at Hi-Top later (maybe with a complimentary steak diner – just a thought).

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