Emergency Ryder Cup Post: BENCH PHIL

Here’s hoping Jim Furyk reads this before it’s too late…BENCH Phil tomorrow. He has to play Sunday, obviously, but shouldn’t get a shot in the team matches tomorrow.

A month ago, Phil Mickelson was on the outside looking in. Granted, it would’ve been tough for Captain Furyk to not take a “well-respected” Ryder Cup veteran such as Phil, but it’s not like he had a great season. Then, as if on cue, Phil rips off a bunch of rounds in the 60’s and pulled two top 15’s out of his ass at the beginning of the Playoff..and Jim is forced to bring him to France.

Phil’s all time Ryder Cup record has fallen to 18-21-7 with his abysmal display this afternoon in a match lost 5&4 (and it wasn’t even that close). It wasn’t all on him, Bryson DeChambeau wasn’t too impressive either, but clearly the pairing didn’t work out. Anything Mickelson was supposed to bring to the table, was clearly lost.

It’s time for Phil and everyone to Phace Phacts…he’s not cut out for this anymore. He’s closer to being a captain than a player. Clearly, there must be some reverence to him among the guys in the room, otherwise he wouldn’t be there. So, I hope Jim takes this opportunity to take advantage of that. Make him a glorified Vice Captain. As fellow golf enthusiast, and well-respected expert J Patrick Cunnion put it, “Give him a cart, and have him ride around and talk to, and relax the guys that are playing tight”. This should be his role. This is what he brings to the team. Certainly, he should not be playing tomorrow.

If he does play tomorrow- breaking, he’s not in the morning matches- he’s probably just going to lose and then complain anyway, as is his wont. He complained about the captaincy of the legendary Tom Watson- who is 10 times the golfer, and 100 times the gentleman of Phil- and it wouldn’t be above him to complain about Furyk. And the thing about Phil is, he’ll have the media (and most of the fans) on his side. We already heard rumblings this morning: “Why was his first match foursomes?”…well, when you are one of the worst two golfers on the team (Shout Out to Bubba Watson), you don’t get to pick your spots. You play when you’re told, and you shut your mouth. Let’s see if Phil is able to do that.

Anyway…here’s hoping Phil is riding the pine tomorrow. I’ll send $ to a GoFundMe to pay his entrance at the Louvre…whatever it takes. Go USA!

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