You can play old NES Games on Nintendo Switch Now and Its Amazing

Remember like two Christmas ago when people were bare knuckle brawling in the aisles of Target over those mini-NES systems? And then people were bidding $500 to get their hands on something that cost like $80 retail?

Yeah sucks for them cuz now Nintendo has made old NES games available on the Switch and it’s AWESOME!

First things first the Switch is great. The Lil’ Dogg is no super game geek but this pup does know his way around a controller a little bit. And if someone yells out, “Up Up”, I’m yelling “Down Down Left Right Left Right BA Start” so yeah I know what’s up. And the Switch is what’s up. Just straight fun. The closest thing to an enjoyable old school video game experience that there has been in years. And it comes with all the new school bells and whistles. Online access, great graphics, all that. Perfect for your normal average human who has other things going on in their life and can’t sit for 12 hours eating Cheetos and playing XBox.

And now they’ve added the ability to play old school NES games like Tecmo Bowl, Ice Hockey (two skinnys, one fat, one average – that’s the correct lineup folks), Double Dragon, Pro Wrestling (Starman all day) and more. The games look amazing, sound perfect and it’s all in the palm of your hand.

Yes there’s Mario!

20 games so far and more coming according to reports. And for the $20 a year (take that and shove it XBOX online) you get to play all your new games with online access too. You can save progress on games (maybe now I can finally finish Zelda???), play a full Tecmo campaign, and beat River City Ransom (that’s the surprise hit of the first batch of games for sure).

Nintendo has bungled a lot of things over the years but they are nailing this one right through the uprights. Now if they can just add GUN.SMOKE


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