Change the “F” in NFL to….

Okay Hi-Topper Nation, you need to trust your ol’ pal the Lil’ Dogg on this one. Just hear the pup out and you will be convinced.

The “F” in NFL should be changed from “Football” to “Frisbee”.

Yes I’m serious.

Watching NFL football sucks. The sport is broken. The only thing exciting happening in the league is Patrick Mahomes.

Now imagine if every game featured fast paced, exciting action flying up and down the field.


Imagine if the athletes playing in the NFL were allowed free reign to showcase their abilities to there fullest extent – their actual top speed, agility, and leaping abilities. No whistles, no stops, no inane and arbitrary penalties stopping the game every three seconds.

Non-stop thrilling action!!!!!

And bonus – nobody gets CTE. Nobody has 30 years of dementia, no brain injury induced murder-suicides!!!! That’s great for everyone.

The “National Frisbee League” should be the sport of the future. But sadly instead the warlords running the real NFL will suck out every last dollar, every last brain cell that they can until the sport is little more than a Roman Fighting Pit.

Listen, I love football as much as anyone but sometimes the truth hurts. 275 pound men crashing into each other at the speed they do these days, over and over, it’s just not right. And frankly the way the sport is played these days just isn’t fun anymore.

Give these guys freedom to express themselves AND show off their insane athletic abilities.

Just imagine OBJ in a flat out sprint against Patrick Paterson chasing down a Pat Mahomes 80 yard fling!!!! It would be more exciting than anything that could possible take place in an NFL game.


Facts is facts and the fact is 99% of the problems in the world are caused by men surrounded by only other men doing stupid men shit. Literally every aspect of life gets improved when women become involved because the majority of men are idiots.

Mixed Ultimate Frisbee!!!!!!

This is the future, not only of sport but of THE ENTIRE WORLD. Men and women working together in harmony. The Lil’ Dogg is saving the future of humanity here folks.

Women can fling that Bee y’all.

Get on board folks. Hi-Top can make this happen.

And we just might save life as we know it.


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