Weekend Winner – Ummm Duh….it’s Tiger, Of Course!

Hi-Topper Nation! You know it. The Lil’ Dogg knows it. The whole damn world knows it. There was only 1 story this weekend and it’s Tiger Gotdamn Woods!!!!!!

This was 1997 at the Western Open:

And yesterday, 2018:

That’s 21 years apart folks.

Absolutely unbelievable.

Putting aside all the drama and not to mention the “issues”, this man could BARELY WALK a year ago.

And just absolutely destroyed the best field of golfers in the world.

Unreal. The entire world was pulling for him. And he did not disappoint. Just a thrilling round of golf.

Tiger is Back! (Hi-Top trademark pending – if you see this phrase used anywhere else please report it to the proper authorities.)

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