Rejoice! Rejoice! ☘️Boston Celtics ☘️ Season Starts Today!

The National Basketball Association, The Only League That Matters, returns today to brighten up and give meaning to our otherwise miserable existences.

It’s Media Day!!!!!!!!!

Ok so actual practice doesn’t start until tomorrow but things heat up pretty quickly in the NBA. There are preseason games on Friday!!!!!!

And our heroes, the Boston Celtics take on the Charlotte Hornets in Charlotte Friday night.

Have no fear, a Full Season Preview is in the works and will be coming to you Hi-Topper Nation once we get a little look at the Boys in Green.

It’s no joke to say that the hype level for the upcoming Celtics season is through the roof and all the way to the moon. Before the Hayward Injury there’s was hype and hope but after a year of hardships that also included the realization that Jayson Tatum is a full blown SUPERSTAR and Jaylen Brown is not far behind – well it’s no longer hope, it’s just pure unadulterated excitement and anticipation.

Kyrie Irving

Jaylen Brown

Jayson Tatum

Gordon Hayward

Al Horford

That is a basketball fans wet dream of a starting five. That’s five guys who can do anything and everything on a basketball court.

I will take my chances AGAINST ANY TEAM with that lineup.


Just a little reminder in case you forgot:


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