IT’S ON!!!!!!!! 🐅👑

Live look at Tiger arriving for today’s Final Round:

And here’s Tiger’s Final Round partner Rory:

Tiger enters the Fourth Round with a 3 shot lead over both Rory and Justin Rose.

Is it already a wrap?????

We will know pretty quickly. Tiger came out guns blazing yesterday birdie the first 15 holes I think….ok maybe not that hot but it was damn close. Tiger was dialed in like 1998 Tiger had time traveled and replace 2018 Tiger. If Tiger starts that hot or at least hitting the ball like he was yesterday then Rory and Rose mines as well quit after the first hole. It’s Over!!!!

Now for all those naysayers claiming this isn’t a real tournament cuz the field is only 30 larger, well the Lil’ Dogg only has one thing or ya


Yeah there’s only 30 guys…..ummm they’re the 30 BEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!

Who cares if there aren’t 150 other bums crowding the tee box. Tiger is whooping ass on the best of the best.

Facts is facts and the fact is if you are curb stomping the elite of the elite then you win!

Tiger is fully back baby. Strap yourself in to the couch cuz ain’t no boring ass NFL game gonna compete with the thrill of Tiger in Red on Sunday.

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