Hi-Top Golf – FedEx Cup Check-In – It’s Tiger Time

About 9 million separate things need to happen in order for Tiger Woods to win the FedEx Cup and guess what – he just might do the damn thing!!!!

Tiger is tied for first at -5 with Rickie Fowler heading into Friday’s Round 2. Peep the Round 1 highlights here:

Besides Tiger coming out of the gates swinging sweetly, the other big Day 1 news concerns the Mad Scientist himself, Mr. Spritz, Bryson DeChambeau. Spritzy had a less than stellar First Round shooting +1 to land in a tie for 21st. That’s especially good news for Team Tiger.

Here’s a look at everything that needs to happen for Tiger to raise the Cup:

Obviously Tiger needs to win the Tournament first and foremost but after that formality the highest hurdle to leap would be DeChambeau finishing 15th or worse.

So far so good.

On to Friday where 🦅 dare and the 🐅 roams.

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