Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 4

The Money Train keeps chugging along as we are now 6-3 on the year. If you’re betting a nickel on each game like a true High Roller then you are feeling mighty fine heading into Week 4, which the Lil’ Dogg is proclaiming Official Bandwagon Week.

Its decision time Hi-Topper Nation. Week 4 is the week you either hop on or get off. First up we have the local boys:

Boston College is 3-0 for the first time since the Magic Floutie was roaming the halls O’Connell Dorm bugging the hell out of everyone to play in his band (no need to fact check any of that folks). But are the Eagles any good? Well we probably won’t find out this week cuz Purdue plain stinks.

Next up is Kentucky. The Blue Boys have the Blue Grass State buzzing after beating Florida. The Wildcats are 3-0 but so are their opponents Miss St.

Lil’ Dogg

This pup is hopping on one and off of the other:

Boston College at Purdue +7

The Eagles may win on the road but it will be closer than a TD. The Boilermakers won’t roll over to a bunch of East Coast Elites that’s for sure.

Miss St. at Kentucky (+9)

Home dogs. Home dogs. Home dogs. The Wildcats are the real deal and may just win this outright.

And the Lil’ Dogg 🔒 of the Week:

Georgia (-14) at Mizzo

The Bulldogs roll again.

Le Cap

Our fearless leader claims that he “likes fun” (though his track record says otherwise) and is taking ORE/Stanford Over 56.

Clemson (-15) at GT

The Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech are a just plain wreck. Clemson should cruise be 30 easy.

There it is Hi-Toppers. We can’t make this any easier for you. Just repay us in kind with clicks and likes and we’ll keep feeding you the easy W’s.

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