Division and MVP Both Ovah.

The Sawx, after slow-rolling everyone for a week or two now, finally clinched the AL East with an 11-6 win last night in da Bronx. They partied in the Stadium, while those two morons from Malden watched from their moms’ basement.

It wasn’t the most confidence-inspiring game for a minute there, though. Ed-Rod strumbled (struggled and stumbled) through 3.2 IP, walking SEVEN Yanks, including walking the bases loaded with 2 out in the 4th. Cora then turned to the old gasoline can…er, bullpen, to try and put the fire out. At which point, Hembree gave up an oppo Grand Salami to Giancarlo Stanton, handing the Yanks a 6-4 lead.

Then, my friends, Marcus Lynn “Mookie” Betts decided he wasn’t going to take any more of their shit.

Mookie was a human rally all night, scoring in the first, then not looking back, on his way to going 4-5, 3R, 5 RBI, 2 2B, and a 3-run bomb. He is the best non-Trout player in baseball, having the best season of anyone, and has CLINCHED the MVP. There is no other logical choice.

JD Martinez has had a great season himself. He’s flirted with the Triple Crown- which would be a great accomplishment, but it’s really irrelevant. If he finishes first or second in a category is pretty meaningless…his season will stand for itself either way. He has been a catalyst for this team; he’s the big bat they were missing last year. But ultimately, Mookie Betts is just so much better of a player than Martinez, that I cannot consider JD the MVP.

I know the MVP voters get distracted by shiny things, like R’sBI, (if you say RBI’s, just turn in your baseball watching privileges) but by every meaningful measure, Mookie Betts is having a better season. He is the MVP…it’s over…just like the AL East. Any argument otherwise is irrational, and will be met with disdain by me.

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