Hi-Top Golf – Do you spritz your balls? Cuz Bryson does.

The Lil’ Dogg is all for simulating game time conditions – you play like you practice is a mantra for a reason – but why stop with a little spritz Bryson?

It’s time to kick things up a notch.

Four coaches is just not enough. We are talking about replicating course conditions here so we need a gallery, Bryson. Where’s “Get in the Hole” guy???? How you can you possibly practice driving off the tee if there isn’t a half drunk douche head to toe in Calloway gear screaming during your follow through? Gotta have that guy at your practice session on Tuesday if you want to win on Sunday.

And where’s Jim Nance?

You want a simulation of Final Round pressure right? Well nothing says pressure more than the soft whisper of ol’ Jim. If he’s not narrating your practice round then you’re just not doing it right Bryson.

DeChambeau fancies himself the Mad Scientist. Loves to talk about biometrics. Well I see nary a scientific tool at all. Where’s the heart rate monitor? The EKG machine? Not a wire in sight. You want to keep a consistent pulse rate out on the course don’t you Bryson? Don’t you care about the physiology of the sport? Golf is 99% inside your body, 1% outside right Bryson? Right?

I just don’t think Bryson DeChambeau is taking this whole “practice” thing nearly as serious as he should be. You are slacking Bryson and the Lil’ Dogg is here to call you out. You better step it up cuz guys like Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas, they don’t use a little spritz, they use a whole lake.

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