Weekend Winner – Vontae Davis and His Brain

Hi-Topper Nation Rejoice!!!!!! For it is the glorious return of The Weekend Winner!!!!!!!

This weekend one man stood above all and captured the Weekend Winner Crown:

Vontae Davis and His Brain

Buffalo Bills Cornerback Vontae Davis up and retired at halftime of this Sunday’s Chargers-Bills game.

Here’s is pictured running, presumably, to go eat some ice cream and take a nap (cuz honestly that’s the perfect Sunday afternoon):

Here’s Vontae’s Official Statement:

The question on everyone’s mind of course is money. Davis signed a one year deal and collected about $5 million upon signing. If he gets to keep all that money and is only giving up his $250,000 season salary then Davis wins the Best Decision of the Year Award hands down.

The Bills stink. The dude is walking away instead of limping and obviously by the sheer brilliance of this move he clearly still has all his mental capacities in check.

Those crying “coward” or “quitter” can go kick rocks. The NFL is absolutely RUTHLESS when it comes to cutting guys and not paying guys. If one dude can get his money and be able to enjoy it then good for him.

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